Employment Creation, Training and Development are central to Black Jills’ Business ventures. The group understands the problems of high unemployment in the country and has plans to play a significant role in reducing unemployment. The group partners with clients to implement work processes that involve:

  • Use of Labour Intensive methods where applicable, for example in the development of a Landfill in Northern Cape where 177 Locals were employed under the EPWP programme. The employees were also trained on basic skills and on Health and Safety aspects.
  • Employing graduates on Intern Programmes and providing them with on-the-job training.
  • Direct employment of members and providing training so as to empower them.
  • Sub-contracting some of the work to local SMME's so as to promote growth and development of companies.

Under the Technical Auditing and Financial Reporting Services the following training is provided:

  • Basic Accounting Training (including the Accounting updates and Accounting for non-Accountants)
  • Financial Management Training (including Finance for non-Financial Managers)
  • MFMA, PFMA, Corporate Governance training and MSCOA Training
  • Capacity building for public or private clients.
  • Subject matter advise/training on Financial Management topics such as Valuations, Capital Budgeting, Financial Statements
  • Technical Auditing on assets