Technical Auditing and Financial Reporting

The Technical Auditing and Financial Reporting Division partners  with clients in reviewing, reshaping and reforming Financial reporting to achieve clean Audits. Black Jills has built a team of highly skilled and experienced financial professionals with extensive experience in analysing processes, carrying out risk assessment, developing or reviewing financial policies and implementing measures to achieve compliant financial reporting for both public and private sector clients.

To gain full understanding of client’s financial reporting situation, Black Jills deploys a dedicated team to a client’s site. The Black Jills team collaborates with client’s team in order to determine scope, understand existing processes and to understand working relationships. Corrective action, which includes training and development, is then mapped and implemented.

Areas of specialisation

The following solutions are selectively applied to Public and Private clients:

  • Understanding of internal process, policies and business relationships
  • Internal Control Reviews against Financial Reporting Standards, MFMA or PFMA Compliance Monitoring System
  • Analysing accounting records, assisting in preparing year-end reports, financial statements and audit working paper files for the Auditor General
  • Assisting clients in clearing Auditor General or Private Auditor queries to attain a clean Audit Reports
  • Reviewing of SCM policies and procedures
  • Assisting clients in managing irregular expenditure  
  • Preparing Budgets and Service Delivery Budget Implementation Plans
  • Preparing Integrated Development Plans (“IDP”) and Business Plans
  • Preparing Financial Policies and Procedure Manuals
  • Preparing of Integrated Risk Plans and Implementation
  • Preparing Job Descriptions and linking Functions to Performance Management System
  • Revenue Enhancement Programs (Increase of Revenue Base, Effective Debt Collection System, Data Cleansing, Drafting Indigent Policy and Validation)
  • Designing Monthly Financial Management Reports (EXCO Management, Mayoral and National Treasury)
  • Drafting/establishment of an Integrated Risk Management Strategy and Fraud Prevention Plan
  • Aligning Financial Reporting with MFMA or PFMA or Financial Reporting Standards
  • Reviewing Skills, Staff Development Training and Mentoring.