Integrated Facilities Management

Our Integrated Facilities Management approach is centered around flexibility in order to meet client’s unique needs. Services rendered include maintenance of Built Environment, use of Information Communication Technology and Facilities Management Platform to increase proactiveness, reduce maintenance cost and increase plant availability. The objective is to create an optimal working environment for clients by assessing and understanding client’s operations, collaborating with the client and implementing interactive tailor-made services through efficient and effective business processes.

Our Integrated Facilities Management offering is guided by:

  • Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ)
  • South African Facilities Management Association (SAFMA)
  • Quality Systems based on ISO 9001
  • International Facilities Management Association (IFMA)
  • Compliance with various labour laws, regulations and industry standards
  • Maintaining healthy working relationship between organized labour, government authorities, local authorities and key suppliers.

Our Services
  • Formulating Maintenance Strategy for new buildings/ Integrated developments
  • Integrated Facilities Management (Electro- Mechanical, Civil, Air Conditioning and Soft Services)
  • Facilities Space Planning
  • Maintenance of buildings
  • Facilities Audit and Condition Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Energy and Utilities Management
  • Energy Efficiency and Utilities Management
  • Data Centre Maintenance and repairs
  • Facilities Disposal Strategy
  • Business Case development
  • Procurement and  supply of spares and equipment
  • Application of ICT driven Facilities Management Platform that offers the following:
    • Proactive notification for critical equipment
    • Remote monitoring of work activities through use of IOT
    • Works progress report accompanied by site photo with automatically generated location and technician identity.

"Being a facilities manager means people rely on you for guidance. Trusting yourself is the first step"