About Black Jills Group

Black Jills Group is a Black Woman Owned Level 1 BBBE contributor. The Group has a multi-division business which offers services in Integrated Facilities Management, Property Development, Renewable Energy, Projects, Information Communication Technology as well as Technical Auditing and Financial Reporting.

The Group possesses resources and extensively experienced expertise which enable delivery of quality and cost-effective services.

South Africa is a developing country with a high rate of unemployment and low economic growth. Black Jills Group’s objective is to play a major role in creating employment and contributing to economic growth through tailor-made innovative win-win solutions.

Our Vision

To be the preferred service provider for cost effective innovative, tailormade and sustainable Integrated Total Facilities Management and Property Development solutions.

Our Mission

To provide Integrated Facilities Management, Property Development Solutions, Energy Solutions and ICT Services that are of high standard for the benefit of our clients, our employees, the environment and communities at large.


Black Jills Group values and understands that central to its ability to deliver good services are its employees and clients, thus the group conducts its business in line with its values of:
  • INTEGRITY: Maintaining a high standard of professionalism
  • RELIABILITY: Meeting our client’s expectations
  • INNOVATION: Incorporating innovativeness into service delivery
  • CAPABILITY: Equipping our team with the required skills
  • TEAM SPIRIT: Thriving for shared success with our partners.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: Providing solutions that protect the environment